Gwendolyn Brooks

I thought our trip to MARBL was interesting and informative. I was stationed in the section with books and poems written by Gwendolyn Brooks in all different contexts; mine was a book while someone else had a poem of hers used in a boxing program. My book was especially interesting to me because it was a republishing. It was a tenth anniversary edition and it had a special dedication and memorial to her brother who had passed in the beginning of the book of poems. I thought it was nice that since the ten year anniversary was so soon after her brother’s passing that she put in something special for him. It was also nice because on the back of the book was a printing of a drawing of Gwendolyn Brooks that her brother had drawn. The reason I connect with this so much is that, while I do not write poetry, when I do write, I am so inspired by my family. Things I do in my life shine through in my writing, especially in regards to my family. They are the most important driving force in my life and I have written many things dedicated to them or written in their honor. I think it shows how significant her brother was to her and may show how he inspired her. It’s nice to see how family is important to her just like mine is to me.


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