Look by Laura Kasischke

I had a great time presenting this poem. Since it isn’t a sonnet, it didn’t require the sort of melodic rhythm and oration that I imagine when I think of an actual Shakespearian poet presenting a poem–so I wasn’t really intimidated presenting it. Since I consider myself relatively soft-spoken, and just overall in control of my emotion, it was strange trying to project the loud anger that the narrator of the poem seemed to be conveying. Strange to the tongue. Walking around also seemed to make presenting it easier as it got rid of any nervous energy I might have had. In my experience, the anticipation of doing something makes me more nervous than when I actually do whatever thing, be it raising my hand in class or presenting. I generally don’t read poems out loud, but practicing for this presentation very clearly demonstrated to me how easier it can be to gauge mood, accents, and overall point by hearing how it actually sounds. I probably could have made more eye contact…though I took my glasses off for the presentation so I wouldn’t be able to see anyone too clearly in order to mitigate any nervousness….so, in reality, I actually made 0 eye contact with anyone from my perspective. Lol. All in all, I would not change a thing about my poem or presentation, in retrospect. Thanks for the opportunity Claire.


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