Eros Turannos by Edwin Arlington Robinson

This was my first time I read a poem of my choice in class. I decided to approach it as an opportunity to present how I approached the poem and what I learned as I progressed through it. Therefore, I told the story of Psyche and Eros prior to reading Eros Turannos to make sure everyone had the prior knowledge that I had when I first read it. Though I read through the poem mostly the way I planned, I wish my voice carried out the emotions of the poem more and I had hoped I would not stumble on any of the words. I forgot to mention that I emphasized the words that referenced back to the story. After I read, I shared what I found out about the author and how I applied it to the poem’s theme of a loveless marriage. As I read and shared what I learned, I looked about the room and I caught a few smiles. I was uncertain if I had rushed through because of nerves but the smiles reassured me that I was making some sort of sense and my message was being conveyed. I hope the class enjoyed my poetry reading.


One thought on “Eros Turannos by Edwin Arlington Robinson

  1. Hi, Alice. Your framing of the poem was very helpful: the mythological background allowed us to enter into the allusive world of the poem, while your comments on Robinson’s private life cast what we had heard in a bittersweet light. You delivered the poem in a storytelling style, emphasizing key parts. I agree that the last 2 lines were unexpected, and slowing down was a good choice to bring out their starkness.

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