Prepared Reading Blog (“Truth” By Gwendolyn Brooks)

           Going into this assignment I did not know what to expect.  I was never a fan of public speaking, so I chose a poem that would cause the least amount of stress possible.   I decided to read the poem “Truth” by Gwendolyn Brooks.  When presenting “Truth, I made sure to emphasize the questions that were asked in the poem by reading them in a different tone of voice.  I thought this was very important because Brooks used those questions to help engage the reader and make them feel as though she was directly addressing them.  In retrospect, I feel as though I rushed through the poem, instead of taking my time and utilizing dramatic pauses, which definitely hurt my performance.  Rather than focusing on common poetic terms, like meter and rhyme scheme, I felt it was important to illustrate the main message of the poem to the class. I believe her message was the truth hurts, but to grow as a person you must learn from it and evolve into a better human being.  I used this tactic because I felt most people in the class could relate to the message Brooks was trying to get across.  


One thought on “Prepared Reading Blog (“Truth” By Gwendolyn Brooks)

  1. You delivered the poem at a regular pace, with a somewhat ominous tone that was well suited to the prayer-like quality of the poem. Some of the repeated phrases at the end could have been emphasized a bit more. You did a good job at pointing out some of the overarching metaphors (sun and shade). Generally speaking, while I agree that the “message” of the poem can be read in a universal light, I would prefer to hear more about how the familiar theme is carried through this particular poem and/or Brooks’ body of work.

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