Quality online writing about poetry

Someone asked me about my expectations for the blog posts, and I thought I’d share my response with all of you. The posts can be conversational in tone, but still grammatically correct and in coherent paragraph form. Between 100 and 200 words per entry should be fine.

If you’re in need of inspiration, start with one of these mental prompts:

  • Today’s reading reminded me of… (a poem from earlier in the semester; a story in the news; something I learned about in my _____ class)
  • I wasn’t expecting our class discussion to go in the direction it did. How can you read that poem without taking _____ into consideration?
  • We didn’t discuss this line/stanza in class, but it’s amazing (or appalling). Let me tell you why.
  • I saw a movie, TV show, play, etc., in which poetry played an unexpected role. Let me tell you about how the poem changed my viewing experience, or failed to (Don’t just give us a plot summary.)
  • Respond to a quotation or image posted on this blog.
  • Compose a found poem.
  • For examples of short, informal cultural commentary, the entries at Brain Pickings tend to make pretty snappy arguments for why a particular writer, scientist, etc., is worthy of our attention. I also like the book reviews at The Rumpus; they’re longer than this assignment has to be, but do a good job at discussing the reading experience in an intimate, non-technical, but still attentive way. Finally, I noted a few Renaissance-themed blogs in an earlier post.


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