Lupe Fiasco Blog

The student led class about Lupe Fiasco was very interesting to me because he is one of my favorite rappers. I was intrigued by this lecture because of my personal infatuation with the rap industry.  Our instructor for the day introduced me to some songs that I had never heard before, and also helped display the deeper meaning of Lupe Fiasco’s lyrics.  He illustrated Fiasco’s ability to invent fictional characters and tell stories that provide a powerful message to his listeners. After class, when he finished his lecture, I approached him and asked if he heard Lupe Fiasco’s new song about the recent Chicago shootings.  I felt like this song embodied the lecture he was presenting to the class.  The song is about a six month old baby who is shot and killed, during a drive by shooting.  He creates an alternate reality where this young girl survives and grows up to become an ambitious woman whose goal is to help poverty stricken people.  His heartfelt tale about this young girl that passed away is not only a song of remembrance, but it is also displays the horror of gun violence and the need for gun control.  Contrary to what many people believe,  there are many rappers today that have lyrics that truly embody powerful messages.

Here is the link to “Jonylah Forever” (Chicago Shooting Song)

Eminem is another rapper who is great at conjuring up fictional characters to tell a story. Here is the link to his music video of the song “Stan” if anyone is interested in watching.


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