Seamus Heaney Collection

On the final day of class I was able to select Seamus Heaney’s collection of poems “Human Chain”. I am very happy with my selection and would like to share my favorite poem from the collection. It is called “Uncoupled” it has two numerically headed sections. Section one describes a woman, and the second a man, both of whom have experienced heartbreak. I like Heaney’s style and would describe it as confessional. It is very personal and imagistic, but instead of things Heaney focuses on people, describing them meticulously. This poem kind of reminds me of a duet between a two singers, with each separated section acting as a verse and Heaney’s observational final stanza as the chorus. 

The most clever device is the poem’s embodiment of the theme. Heaney is communicating the understanding of a feeling before knowing the name, and through the poem he describes the situation, and waits till the final line to name the emotion the two people he highlights share. The presentation of the poem works to further demonstrate the theme. This technique along with the unique tone of the poem are what I admired most about it. If anyone would like to listen to the whole poem here is the link!


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