Saying Goodbye (Elliot Levy)

Saying Goodbye (Elliot Levy)

Elliot Levy performs spoken word at the commencement of Harriton high school. Unlike most commencement speeches, he emphasizes that people will come and go in your life. He says that here at graduation will be last time the students can call themselves classmates. His performance emphasizes the inevitable fact of saying goodbye: “friends you saw every weekend will become facebook posts and high school reunions” and memories will be pushed “farther back into your mind.” He does not mope at this harsh reality, he says that “you are constantly changing you must do so to adapt or life will leave you behind.” So, even though your classmate will not be physically be there, your classmates influenced you and you will carry that all your life. I admire that he did not speak empty words that at the end of day, are not true. Most people in high school will not be a part of your life, but he encourages his class to go forth and “let the world know you are coming.” As you go out, you as a person carry the memories and the people in the person you are, though not in your mind.

Elliot Levy is now at Emory University and is part of the Emory Slam team. It is inspiring to see how much he is involved with spoken word, before college and in the present. Poetry is not sitting in the dust to be read by a few students for academic person. It is alive and vibrantly performed by students like Elliot, passionate to send his classmates out in the world in poetic style and eager to express himself through poetry.


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