Participation/Blog 15%
Prepared reading 5%
Leading a class 15%
Quizzes (2) 15%
Paper #1 10%
Paper #2 15%
Atlanta poetry event 10%
Anthology 15%



Attendance and computer policy: Students may miss two classes, “no questions asked.” Subsequent absences will result in 1 point being deducted. Three late arrivals amount to missing a day. Sleeping in class amounts to being absent.
Students must bring the day’s readings to class, as well as note-taking material. You may use laptops and tablets, but visibly checking your email, Facebook, the stock market, etc., will result in public embarrassment and loss of participation marks.

Participation consists of regular attendance, meaningful contribution to class discussions, and giving constructive feedback to your classmates.
As well as a written reflection on your prepared reading from The Open Door, you are required to post two short responses (minimum 200 words each) to assigned readings or to occasional prompts over the course of the semester. There will be opportunities for creative posts.


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