In a first-person narrative, assess your development as a student and (hopefully) fan of poetry between January and today. Make reference to at least 2 papers or presentations—perhaps one representing an old weakness or bad habit, and one representing your efforts to correct it. Students’ reflections are very important for my own development as a teacher, so I value constructive criticism.

The questions below are just guidelines.

Your development as a writer. In what areas has your writing improved? What areas could still use some work? How do you plan to improve your writing beyond this class? (Admitting to one’s weaknesses is a sign of self-awareness, and will not negatively affect your mark.) What kinds of instructor feedback have been most/least valuable? Has your overall attitude toward writing, academic or otherwise, changed at all?

Your development as a reader/critic. Has the way you read, or think about reading, changed at all? How about your level of confidence in delving into difficult texts?

Your attitude toward poetry. Has your opinion of any particular kinds of poetry (or literature) changed? What poems or ideas do you think you will remember a year from now? If you are a creative writer or artist, have any of our readings or discussions affected your craft?

Your approach to other fields. Has anything we covered prompted you to reconsider material you’ve studied in other literature courses, or in other subjects (history, psychology, etc.)?

Minimum 250 words.

Due Monday, April 29 at 9:00 p.m.
(This assignment replaces blog post #2 and is worth 2% of your total grade.)


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